There are many opportunities to give back to Ahavat Shalom Synagogue and help us continue to service the community in the capacity that we have been.


Shabbat Services are the perfect opportunity to support Ahavat Shalom Synagogue.

Hagba'a-Raising the Sefer Torah

During Shabbat morning services a member is given the opportunity to raise the Sefer Torah for the entire community to view. This is done once before the start of Torah reading and once at the end.

Petikhat Ha HeKhal-Opening of the Ark

This is an opportunity for a member to open the Hekhal before the taking out of the Sefer Torah and closing the Hekhal once the Sefer Torah is returned to its place.

Hotziat Sefer Torah-Taking out of the Sefer Torah

This is an opportunity for a member to take out the Sefer Torah from the Ark and walk it through the congregation. The same member will return the Sefer Torah to the Ark once Torah reading is completed.

Aliyot- Birchat Torah

There are seven opportunities for sponsorship during Torah reading on Shabbat morning services. Each Aliyah gives a member a chance to rise up to the Torah and recite the Bracha for Torah reading.

Kiddush Shabbat

Ahavat Shalom Synagogue has provided the community with a full Kiddush on Shabbat mornings. It is a great opportunity for members who wish to commemorate a special occasion or a loved one.

Seudat Shlishit

Each Shabbat afternoon, Seudat Shlishit is served after Mincha services. Members of the community use this as an opportunity to commemorate a loved one who has passed away.


Ahavat Shalom Synagogue has been providing the community with various programs that span across a large age group. It is through sponsorship of our community and members like yourself that such programs have been continuing for so long. Your contributions can help us continue to provide such programs and expand them even further.

Children's Program

The Children;s programs at Ahavat Shalom Synagogue is buzzing with sounds of laughter and growth by our smallest members. The children are provided with a learning experiences with snacks, prizes, and gifts as reinforcement for their attendance. You can help continue such programs and ensure the Jewish education of our children by sponsoring the prizes and meals or both!

Youth Program

Ahavat Shalom provides the community with one of the most interactive and stimulating youth programs. The classes are always provided along side a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is a great opportunity to support the continuation of such enriching programs.

Elderly Program

Our elderly members often talk about their excitement about the weekly programs provided through Ahavat Shalom Synagogue. You can sponsor a week, a month, or a year of meals or entertainment for our elderly programing!

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