Prayer Services



Ahavat Shalom Synagogue holds three Minyamin on Shabbat mornings.


7:30 AM

The first Minyan is held in the small snactuary on the lower level of the synagogue. This Minayan offers a more intimate environment with a smaller group and a more peronalized atmosphere. 


8:45 AM

The second Minyan in held in the main sanctuary on the main level of the synagogue. This minyan is generally attended by over 350 members of our community. Many of our members share their happy occassions with the community during these services. Services are held under the leadership of Rabbi Isaac Bakhshi.


9:30 AM

The third Minyan is for our teenagers and young adults.  Prayers are held under the overall  leadership of our Youth Board Members and our young members directing the various Teffilot.  Our members are provided with an engaging atmosphere which encourages personal and spriritual growth. 


Additionally, the Youth Minyan holds a Shabbaton on a monthly basis for our youth to experience the beauty of Shabbat together.


Shacharit followed by Kiddush

Shabbat Morning Schedule
8:00am   Brachot
8:55am   First Kadish
9:00am   Baruch Sheamar
9:20am   Nishmat
9:45am   Torah Auction
10:00am Torah Reading
11:15am Musaf
11:35am Speech
11:50am Kidush



6:30 PM

Shiur by Rabbi Bakhshi

7:00 PM

Shabbat Mincha Services followed by Seudat Shlishit, Arvit and Havdalah



Prayer services are held on a daily basis at Ahavat Shalom Synagogue.  Prayers are lead by our experiences Chazanim and Rabbanim.  Our memebers often find the experience possitive one which not only alllows them to pray with a group, but also provides a feeling of belonging to a community and support system.




Sunday  7:00 AM and 7:45 AM

Monday to Friday 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM



Sun to Thur  6:00 PM

Friday 6:00 PM followed by Arvit and Rabbi Bakhshi's short lecture